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Luke Warburton




Luke Warburton

Acupuncture / Bodywork

Luke Warburton

BSc (Hons) MBAcC

Acupuncture / Bodywork

I practice Chinese medicine as a qualified acupuncturist trained in both western and eastern medical theory. I take an integrated approach to your treatment addressing the root causes of illness or discomfort as well as the presenting symptoms.

Treatments are focused on enabling you to manage recovery as soon as possible.  Where appropriate I advise on diet and lifestyle changes and teach physical exercises to support your recovery. 

I have a personal passion for physical movement and specific interest in treating sports injuries.

My experience and ground knowledge of the internal/external ailments that can occur from modern active lifestyles informs my holistic approach to treating patients.















Treatment times:  

  • Allow 60 - 90 mins first appointments                   

  • 55 mins for follow up appointments

   Cost:  £60.00 per session




















I am a pure Londoner of mixed Chinese/English heritage, our grandfather

Chang Sey Hee arrived in London in 1926 from Hainan, China. He came via the merchant navy where he met my grandmother Sarah and settled in Pennyfields east London (London's original Chinatown). The unique blend of English/Chinese culture has been around me and my family all our lives.  

Before working as a practitioner I was a student of Chinese martial arts, Taijiquan & Qigong. This grounding gave me an awareness of my own internal and external systems, I became fascinated to enquire and learn more about human physiology.  

When our young son became very ill we found Western medicine had reached its limits at Great Ormond st Hospital. After many anxious months we found he was able to make a successful recovery using acupuncture, diet and Tuina massage.

I was inspired hugely by this, from then onwards I studied Tuina and Chinese medicine in-depth for 5 years graduating from Westminster university. Since then I have continued to find myself learning from other talented teachers and practitioners including James Cattermole (Millers Way project) and Andrew and Julie Ann Nugent-Head ( Association for traditional studies ATS ) 

I am an accomplished artist and passionate craftsman reflected in my clinical attention to fine detail. As a father of three children I consider my extended family a great achievement, building relationships, growing, exploring and learning with them is my favourite way to spend time. 


Where I treat:

Kennington park centre

40 st agnes place

SE11 4BE

Please email to arrange booking  :



Acupuncture sessions begin with enquiry into your condition. This includes a discussion of your symptoms, palpation (physical examination) and listening in on your pulses. Assessment can also involve some observation of your posture and gait both in standing and in walking. 

All of this key information informs my focus strategy and treatment plan.

Treatment involves precision needling of key points on the body to influence the system, alleviate pain, or release blockages to the smooth flow of qi, blood and fluids throughout the body. 

Bodywork and Tuina (massage) and ancillary techniques such as Moxa (therapeutic heat), Gua sha and cupping are also incorporated in treatment when appropriate.

Many people find acupuncture to be a remarkably relaxing non-invasive treatment process. 

Please wear loose clothing where possible and have something light to eat before your treatment.



All bookings can be made in advance by contacting me here



"I attend Luke's clinic regularly for a number of pre-existing chronic conditions, all of which have greatly improved under his care and attention. His approach combines his learned skills and deep rooted intuition. I have less pain in my body and better quality sleep thanks to him. I haven't hesitated in recommending him to friends and colleagues, whether it be for a physical condition or one of an unspoken emotional nature."
"I went to see Luke for chronic back pain after a few sessions he had me up and running again. He is amazing and I can't recommend him highly enough, If you're suffering with long term pain, go see Luke you won't regret it."

"Im a 44 year old man who has been smoking from the age of 12.

I work in quite a challenging environment and in the past have struggled trying to quit, becoming agitated and volatile without nicotine. 

The acupuncture itself was immediately calming, and markedly reduced the anxiousness I had experienced on previous attempts to stop smoking.

I saw Luke every week over a period of 6 weeks and stopped smoking after my first session. With Luke's help, I achieved what I had thought was impossible."




Historically within eastern traditions a scholar was not only practiced in the healing and martial arts but also the cultural arts such as poetry and calligraphy.

It is believed that continually developing a rounded, deeper and wider understanding, a clinician truly builds a higher repertoire of skills that in turn support their patients throughout their journey.

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